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Manitoba Horse Racing Commission
Claimed Horses
Last updated: Sat Aug 24 09:13:01 2019
Date Horse From To Price
May-12 Kaufy Buzz Tijuana Stable C-Horse Stable $5,000.00
May-12 Holdmegold Steve Keplin & Drop In Racing Bruce Tully $2,500.00
May-17 Tale of Beaucette Jeff Jacobs & Tijuana Stable Marie Ann Fitzgerald $5,000.00
May-17 The Code is Gray Joh Taborda A&S Stable/O Belle & S. Brown $5,000.00
May-29 Takahiros Dream MJ Racing Stable Shelley Brown $5,000.00
May-29 Gavin Henry S Witt Jr MJ Racing $2,500.00
May-29 Sinkys Luck Avery Erfle MJ Racing $2,500.00
May-31 C R Bullitt John Taborda Henry S Witt Jr $5,000.00
May-31 Witt Stamp Maple Creak Ranch Ltd Angel &Andre Ellis Racing Stable $1,500.00
May-31 Grand Palais Jesus Vielme & Tijuana Racing Stable Prime Time Stable $5,000.00
May-31 Tale of Beaucette Marie Ann Fitzgerald Jeff Jacobs&Tijuana Stable $5,000.00
May-31 Estiqaa Jeff Jacobs & Tijuana Stable Avery Erfle $5,000.00
Jun-01 Gee Force Final - Final Stable James Keplin $3,500.00
Jun-05 Pepermint Kitty Elton Dickey Curtis Gamble $1,500.00
Jun-05 Aikman Jewel Tijuana Stable Final Final Stable $1,500.00
Jun-08 Whatsnottolove Shelley Brown Keneth R Gardipy $2,500.00
Jun-14 Gavin MJ Racing Stable Henry Keshane $3,500.00
Jun-15 To Honorandcherish Dave Yuhas & Nicole Sayler Two Points Stable $5,000.00
Jun-15 I'm All In The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win Jamie Hartman $5,000.00
Jun-16 Me First The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win The Young and The Rest of Us $2,500.00
Jun-16 My Five Star David The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win David & Anne Champion $5,000.00
Jun-16 Home of the Free The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win Elton Dickey $5,000.00
Jun-16 Cats West The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win Elton Dickey $3,500.00
Jun-16 My Kinda Gal The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win Doug Mustard $1,500.00
Jun-16 Fried Pickles The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win Mike & Verla Olito $1,500.00
Jun-16 Strawberry Gulch Elton Dickey Just For Kix Stable $2,500.00
Jun-19 Purrsibility Elton Dickey Mr. 2 U $5,000.00
Jun-19 Princess Becky Tijuana Stable Bill Mooney $5,000.00
Jun-21 Talkin' Bull The Estate of Ardell Sayler & Off to win Toll The Dice Stable $5,000.00
Jun-21 Talent Risk Tijuana Stable Club 3D $1,500.00
Jun-22 Cumulative Randy Howg Regal Group $5,000.00
Jun-22 She'sGotthebeat Charles Garvey Club 3D $3,500.00
Jun-22 Linda Hunny Bill Mooney Tijuana Stable $3,500.00
Jun-28 Soul Shaker Sierra Stable & Lise Pruitt Backontrack Stable $1,500.00
Jun-28 Dixieland Lake Larry Liebrecht & Ron Phelps Elton Dickey $2,500.00
Jun-29 Cats West Elton Dickey Marieanne Fitzgerald $500.00
Jul-01 Blondilikestodance Arnold Hepner Lots of Fun Stable $5,000.00
Jul-01 Princess Becky Bill Mooney A & S stable $5,000.00
Jul-05 Talent Risk Club 3 D Black Diamond $2,500.00
Jul-05 Whatsnottolove Kenneth Gardipy Shelley Brown & Roy Fedee $2,500.00
Jul-05 Too Much Gone Mr 2 U & Gourneau Bros Tijuana Stable $1,500.00
Jul-10 Eye Catching Barry Arnason/Bonny MCCrory & Gary Danelson Hard Ball Stable $5,000.00
Jul-10 Strawberry Gulch Just For Kix Stable Elton Dickey $2,500.00
Jul-12 Complete Circle Drop'en Racing Bald Guy Stable & Jarred Brown $3,500.00
Jul-12 Three Padres Los Dos Amigos Just For Kix Stable $1,500.00
Jul-12 EBADAN Triple H Stable PPNZ Stable $1,500.00
Jul-13 Flinch Just For Kix Stable MJ Racing $5,000.00
Jul-17 Blazing Fulch Dwain Williams Tijuana Stable $5,000.00
Jul-24 Me First The Yound and the rest of Us Eleanor Dobbin or Dewey Williams $2,500.00
Jul-24 Truly Unusual MJ Racing Stable Just For Kix Stable $1,500.00
Jul-26 Scrap Iron Tijuana Stable Maria Stanford $1,500.00

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