Manitoba Horse Racing Commission
Claimed Horses
Last updated: Fri Sep 8 10:26:17 2017
Date Horse From To Price
May 27 Feetdontfailmenow Shawn Morin Lil Bit of Heaven $3,500.00
Jun-02 Secret Wishes Rick Weise Justice for all Stable $5,000.00
June 7 String Puppet Sierra stable&Lynn/Marie White Garth Grider $7,500.00
June 9 Rockets Revenge Henry S Witt Jr Leslie Scramstad $2,500.00
June 9 Home Park Ardell Sayler Just For Kix Stable $3,500.00
June 10 She Be Fast Henry S Witt Jr Lil Bit of Heaven $2,500.00
June 14 Lift Me Up Henry S Witt Jr Jared Brown $2,500.00
June 18 Real Heart Dennis W Dorchester Backontrack Stables $2,500.00
June 21 Next Up Runaway BayStable and E Dickey Trevor Goulet $2,500.00
June 21 Jackson Sundown Jared Brown or David Blake Elton Dickey $7,500.00
June 21 Witts Lizard Henry S Witt Jr Jared Brown $2,500.00
June 24 Victory N Rouge Elton Dickey Kyle Said We Couldn't $5,000.00
June 28 Charming Gold David Blake, Cristen Parks & A Sayler Trevor Goulet $2,500.00
June 30 Stonehart Ridge Elton Dickey John Ganas $3,500.00
July 1 While I Was Away Runaway BayStable and E Dickey Dennis Dorchester $5,000.00
July 8 Next Up Trevor Goulet Lori Mann & Elton Dickey $2,500.00
July 8 Norm's Place John Ganas Jared Brown $7,500.00
July 12 Secret Appeal Elton Dickey Ardell Sayler $2,500.00
July 12 Bray Brynn Alyssa David Gourneau Nothern Lights Stable $2,500.00
July 12 Anoited Waters Delmar Dickey Trevor Goulet $2,500.00
July 12 Dusty's Vision Elton Dickey Heather Irwin $3,500.00
July 12 I'm a Flashy Girl TG Stable Dark Cloud Racing Stable $5,000.00
July 14 Able Warrior Lucky8 or Bald Guy stables or Jared Brown Delmar Dickey $2,500.00
July 22 Light Up In the Sky Elton Dickey Hardball Stable $5,000.00
July 22 Victory 'N Ruge Kyle Said We Couldn't Dave Juby $3,500.00
July 26 Cowboysteviewonder Elton Dickey Dennis Dorchestor $2,500.00
July 28 Artie In The Park Shaun Morin Daryl Carry $2,500.00
July 28 Next Up Elton Dickey and Lori Mann Grand Oak Meadows Stable $2,500.00
Aug 5 Moon Silk Henry S Witt Jr Just For Kix Stable $3,500.00
Aug 5 Sumerian Bell Canvasback Farm David Gourneau $3,500.00
Aug 5 Celebrity Status Robertino Diodoro Sierra Stable $2,500.00
Aug 5 Sun Tsuzy Jean McEwan Elton Dickey $5,000.00
Aug 11 Dixieland Lake K5 Stable Elton Dickey & Lori Mann $12,500.00
Aug 12 Expect Greatness Pink Cloud Racing Club 3D Stable $3,500.00
Aug 12 Metmeyer Pink Cloud Racing Ardell Sayler $2,500.00
Aug 18 Parkfield K5 Stable Ardell Sayler $5,000.00
Aug 19 Papa Smitty Wlton Dickey & Lori Mann Glen Ringenberg $3,500.00
Aug 19 Cowboy Curlin 4 Horsemen Racing Stable & Shaun Morin Maria Stanford $3,500.00
Aug 19 Sierra Storm Marvin and Deb Buffalo Ardell Sayler $3,500.00
Aug 19 Malibu Colony Runaway BayStable and E Dickey Dennis Dorchester $3,500.00
Aug 23 Flat Footed Mama Lorna Gray Dan Whately $2,500.00
Aug 26 BB Prince of Scat Henry S Witt Jr Sierra Stable $2,500.00
Aug 26 Artie In The Park Daryl Carry Elton Dickey $2,500.00
Aug 30 Good Shot Brent or Heather Hrymak Lori Mann & Elton Dickey $3,500.00
Sept 2 Out Of Mischief Gary Danelson or Bonnie McCrary David Gorneau $2,500.00
Sept 2 Baloch Or Karen Bjarnason Bill Mooney $2,500.00
Sept 4 She's A Ten John Ganas Elton Dickey $2,500.00