Manitoba Horse Racing Commission
Claimed Horses
Last updated: Wed Sep 12 09:48:25 2018
Date Horse From To Price
Two Steps of Glory Tijuana Racing Stable Prime Time Stables $2,500.00  
Not Too Shiny Tijuana Racing Stable Final final $1,500.00  
She Be Fast Grant Oak Meadow Stable Timothy Burns $1,500.00  
Ranger School Dropen Racing Christopher Mitchell $1,500.00  
Unreal Deal Leland Cavanaugh Tijuana Racing $2,500.00  
Respect the Shot Marco Gonzalez and Tijuana Racing stable Shelley Brown $5,000.00  
Bear Skinner Juan Pablo Silva Sierra Stable $10,000.00  
Son of Pearl Murray Duncan and Estate of Carylle Steward Guy Kling $5,000.00  
Madaket Morning Tijuana Racing Stable Club 3D $5,000.00  
Ranger School Christopher Mitchell Just for Kix Stable $1,500.00  
Two Steps of Glory Prime time Stable Tijuana Racing $2,500.00  
Awesomeagainnagain Ardell Sayler Tijuana Racing $5,000.00  
Livinintheleftlane Eurico Martens Jared Brown $1,500.00  
Mechanical Karen Bjarnason Angel & Andre Ellis Racing $1,500.00  
Give Me That Wink Ardell Sayler Bill Mooney $5,000.00  
Artie in the Park Elton Dickey Just for Kix Stable $2,500.00  
Swiss Confederate Dale Henry Ardell Sayler $2,500.00  
Riqqa Maple Grove Equine Ranch Ltd Premium Holdings $5,000.00  
She Be Fast Timothy Burns Grand Oak Meadows $1,500.00  
Dixies Gold K5 Stable Maple Grove Equine Ranch ltd $3,500.00  
Desert Summer Drop En Racing Ardell Sayler $5,000.00  
My Ray of Sunshine Maple Grove Equine Ranch Ltd Sierra Stable $5,000.00  
Two Steps of Glory Tijuana Racing Stable Ardell Sayler $2,500.00  
Rock Concert Lanoucane B &B Final Final Stable $2,500.00  
Witt Stamp Henry S Witt Jr Maple Grove Equine Ranch ltd $1,500.00  
Tyler Bigo Mark N Hudon Susie Wojtowicz $1,500.00  
Hot Rodin Tijuana Racing Stable C Horse Stable $7,500.00  
Public Policy Tijuana Racing Stable Rae - Ann Wahobin $1,500.00  
Logan's Leopard Maple Grove Equine Ranch Ltd Dennis Dorchester $5,000.00  
A Song of Faith Glen Ringgenberg Maple Grove Equine Ranch ltd $1,500.00  
Papa Smitty Gourneau Bros and Jerry Gourneau Maple Grove Equine Ranch ltd $3,500.00  
Rocco Point Maple Grove Equine Ranch Ltd Barbara Richter $1,500.00  
Aubin Feathers Glen Rigerberg Heather Wallerstedt $2,500.00  
Chief Warrior Janice & Clarenance Oseki Dennis Dorchester $2,500.00  
Lucky's Pat Sidygin Stables Ltd Drop'en Racing $2,500.00  
Son Of Eleanor Bold Guy Stables and Jared Brown Shelley Brown $3,500.00  
Pacific Channel Marvin Buffalo Heather Wallerstedt $1,500.00  
Artie in the Park Just For Kix Stable Maple Grove Equine Ranch ltd $1,500.00  
Sea Code Barry Arnason or Don Schnell Trevor Goulet $1,500.00  
Soul Shaker Linda Kropius Sierra Stable & Lise Pruitt $1,500.00  
Expect Greatness Club 3D Napoleon R Mike $5,000.00  
She's A Ten Elton Dickey & Kristi Desjarlais Just for Kix Stable $1,500.00  
A Song of Faith Maple Grove Equine Ranch Ltd Eddie Meza $1,500.00  
Tactics Eurico Martens Tijuana Racing $3,500.00  
Dixie's Gold Maple Grove Equine Ranch Ltd Bill Mooney $3,500.00  
Gunner Grey The Phelp's L.Liebrecht D Blake $ C Parks Eddie Meza $1,500.00  
Crumlin Diva Maple Grove Equine Ranch Ltd & M Carter-Squire Kyle Said We Couldn't $5,000.00  
Madd Edition Robert and Lise Pruitt Kenneth R Gardipy $3,500.00  
Dreaming EZ Barry Arnason or Don Schnell or True North Dennis Dorchester $5,000.00  
Bluegrass Soul Debora M Hanson Cain Wheeler Stable $5,000.00  
Riqqa Premium Holding Maria Stanford $2,500.00  
Makaha Heat Charles Garvey Gerald Babchishin $1,500.00  
Irs Not So Easy Tijuana Racing Stable Gourneau Brothers/Jerry Gourneau $3,500.00  
Web of Demons Charles Garvey Eurico Martens $3,500.00  
Uncle Mo Money Henry Wit Jr Darcy Peterson $2,500.00  
Son Of Eleanor Shelley Brown Jared Brown $5,000.00  
Cruzcat Elton Dickey Kenneth Lee Gardipy $5,000.00  
Anointed Waters Trevor Goulet Blaine Malaterre $1,500.00  
Lit obito Pepper Hy Road Stable Elton Dickey $4,375.00  
Hit it up Die Broke Farms Blaine Malaterre $1,500.00  
Tribal Zen Marvin Buffalo Shelley Brown $2,500.00  
Fried Pickles Pink Cloud Racing /Perry Pellerin Tijuana Racing $2,500.00  
Ranger School Just For Kix Stable Steve Keplin Jr. $1,500.00  
Train Walk Henry S Witt Jr Maria Stanford $2,500.00  
Blazingulch Tijuana Racing Stable Maria Stanford $1,500.00  
Dublin Day Eurico Martens George Tourangeau $3,500.00  
Expect Greatness Napoleon Mike Final Final Stable $3,500.00  
Tally Brent Hryman 0r Heather Hryman C - Horse Stable $3,500.00  
Drive Sandy Drive Lloyd Buffalo Sierra Stable $2,500.00  
Hard Knocks Rock Anderson Livestock and Hillside Farms George Tourangeau $3,500.00  
Dixieland Lake Elton Dickey & Lori Mann Ron Phelps & L Liebrecht $4,375.00  
Fried Pickles Tijuana Racing Stable Ardell Sayler $2,500.00  
Redn Black Attack Corey Davis and Gwen Penrod Rae - Ann Wahobin $2,500.00  
Tribal Zen Shelley Brown Maria Stanford $1,500.00  
Californium Assiniboia Racing Club Bonnie McCrory or Gary Danelson $7,500.00  
Hot Rodin C Horse Stable Tijuana Racing $10,000.00  
Hey Hey Run Away Ardell Sayler Two Points Stable $5,000.00  
Drive Sandy Drive Sierra Stable Tijuana Racing $1,500.00  
Shade Henry Witt Jr Twin Bullets Stable $7,500.00  
Street Hero rules Lars Mathinson Marvin Buffalo $2,500.00  
Desert Summer Ardell Sayler Kenneth R Gardipy $2,500.00  
Awesome Prophecy The Young and the Rest of us Rae - Ann Wahobin $2,500.00  
Par Play B Arnason,or True North, or D Schnell Black Diamond Stable $2,500.00  
Sea My Moves Bonnie McCory or Gary Danelson Two Points Stable $10,000.00